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Order Status

All orders ship directly from our warehouse in Virginia, typically on the next business day from the receipt of your order. Orders placed over the weekend or holiday will ship the next business day that our warehouse is open. During our peak season from May through July, orders may take two business days to ship.

Where is my order?

You will receive an email confirmation containing your tracking information when your order ships. Once shipped, you can also track your order here.

Can I cancel or change my order?

We work super fast and most orders ship out the same day that they are received, so it's not always possible to cancel or make a change to an order before it ships. However, our customer service aces pride themselves on doing everything they can to make a customer happy. If you need to make a change to an order, please contact us with your order number and we'll do everything we can to help.

I never got my order! What do I do?

If you have not received your order within five days of the timeframe provided by the carrier on your order tracking and the delivery status has not updated, please contact us so we can help locate your package.

If your tracking information shows that your package was delivered, but you can’t find it please verify that your order was shipped to the correct address. We cannot be responsible for lost, misplaced, or incorrectly delivered packages if the address provided for the order was incorrect. Please note that USPS may mark packages as delivered up to 48 hours before actual delivery. After 48 hours, if you are still unable to find your package at the location and no one else has accepted delivery, please contact us so we can help locate your package.


We ship all orders USPS First Class from our Mechanicsville, Virginia warehouse. Expedited shipping may also be available via USPS or UPS for an additional fee.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Delivery time depends on the carrier and an estimated delivery date will be shown at checkout. You will receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number when your order leaves our warehouse. If you have not received your confirmation within five business days, contact us.

Do you ship internationally?

We do not currently offer international shipping. 

Returns & Warranty

What is your return policy?

If you're not completely satisfied with your Cliff Weil eyewear, you may return them within 60 days of purchase for a full refund. All returned items must be in new condition. Please note that expedited shipping fees cannot be refunded.

Please visit Returns for more information. To start a return, go to your account page, choose the order you wish to return, and request a return.

Items purchased from a retail location must be returned to the retailer unless defective, in which case you should file a warranty claim.

My sunglasses are broken. What do I do?

We are committed to quality. If you experience a problem with your eyewear that is the result of a defect in materials or workmanship, we will replace your glasses under this warranty. Review the complete warranty policy or file a claim here.

My [part] fell off. Do you have replacement parts?

We do not currently carry replacement lenses or other eyewear parts, but if your product is missing a part, please file a warranty claim.

Is my item under warranty?

Yes! We are committed to quality and exceptional customer service, so we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all our products. It couldn't be easier to file a claim. We are very generous with claims and do our best to replace defective, damaged, or lost products under most reasonable circumstances. You can read our full warranty policy here.


Where can I buy your products locally?

Because we are a manufacturer and distributor of several brands and we are not connected to our retailers' inventory systems, we are unable to provide a store locator for our products. However, we are always more than happy to help you find what you need, whether from us or from a retailer. Just get in touch and we'll see what we can do!

Can I get my prescription lenses in your frames?

We do not offer prescription lenses for our frames and we classify our products as "non-Rxable," or "we do not recommend these frames for prescription lenses." However, there are a variety of optical companies that can fit your desired frame with prescription lenses. Please note that altered frames or lenses may no longer qualify for our lifetime warranty.

Do your sunglasses protect against UV?

All of our sunglasses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, up to 400nm. This is the highest and most effective UV protection available.

How do I care for my sunglasses?

Always store your eyewear in a case or microfiber pouch to prevent damage to the lenses and frames. Because heat can cause your eyewear to warp and become distorted, never leave your sunglasses directly in the sun, and avoid leaving them in the car on hot days, especially on the dashboard.

Use a soft microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe away dirt, fingerprints and smudges from lenses and frames. For stubborn, stuck-on grime, use warm water, with a gentle soap only if needed, and gently rub away the dirt with your fingertips. Pat dry immediately. Avoid paper towels, tissues, chemical cleaners, and detergents, as these may be abrasive and scratch away protective lens coatings or strip frame paints and sealants. 

Chemicals in sunscreens and insect repellants can damage eyewear, especially paints and coatings, so use care when applying these products to avoid contact. Since this isn't always realistic, be sure to clean your eyewear with a quality lens cleaner to remove any chemicals after using such products.

Hinge screws can loosen with use, so periodically check for loose screws and tighten as necessary (but don't overtighten).

Take care when using adhesives to repair broken frames or lenses. Many adhesives will melt and distort plastics and can "fog" lenses. Before repairing eyewear on your own, consult a professional or find out if your product is covered under our warranty.

How should I clean my lenses?

Use a soft microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe away dirt, fingerprints and smudges from lenses and frames. For stubborn, stuck-on grime, use warm water, with a gentle soap only if needed, and gently rub away the dirt with your fingertips. Pat dry immediately. Avoid paper towels, tissues, chemical cleaners, and detergents, as these may be abrasive and scratch away protective lens coatings or strip frame paints and sealants.

Which is better, UV protection or polarized lenses?

UV damage is cumulative, meaning that the more you are exposed to the sun in your lifetime, the more damage UV rays can cause. It is important to always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV damage that can lead to macular degeneration, cataracts, and other eye conditions. Polarized lenses are designed to eliminate glare, or light reflecting in a way that can temporarily impair your vision. Polarized lenses are independent of UV protection, so it is best to choose the right type of sunglass for your activity (i.e. polarized vs. non-polarized) and make sure that it also provides 100% UV protection.

Do I need polarized sunglasses?

It is important to consider the specific activities you will be doing when deciding whether or not polarized sunglasses are right for you.

Polarized sunglasses are designed to block out horizontally polarized light while allowing vertically polarized light to pass through. This reduces glare and improves clarity, contrast, and color perception. Polarized lenses are particularly helpful in bright sunlight and on cloudy days when there is a lot of scattered light.

By blocking the reflection from flat surfaces like water, snow, and pavement, polarized sunglasses can be particularly useful during outdoor activities like fishing, boating, or driving. They can also help reduce eye strain for people who spend time outdoors in bright conditions.

However, it is important to note that polarized lenses can also make it difficult to see LCD displays like those found on some smartphones, dashboards, or ATMs. They can distort vision when looking through tempered glass by making strange patterns appear. They may also not be suitable for certain activities where it is important to see glare as a warning sign, like downhill skiing or motorcycling, or when glare is a helpful component of a sport, like being able to judge slopes and grading on golf greens.

Help, my aviators are crooked!

Sometimes metal aviator temples need an adjustment to sit straight on your face. To adjust them, open your frame on a flat surface with the lenses facing you. Look for the temple end that is not touching the surface. Slightly and gently bend the end of the temple so that the glasses will now sit with both temple ends touching the surface. If you need more help, please feel free to contact us.

My favorite style is discontinued! What do I do?

We really hate it when that happens! Just like any other product, sunglasses fall in and out of favor or fashion and it makes the most business sense to discontinue them. Some styles we may carry for years, and others may be discontinued earlier.

Once an item is discontinued, we no longer stock that style or maintain any inventory in our warehouse. We know that sometimes these items are your favorite style and you've been wearing them for many years, and we hate to disappoint. If you're looking for something we've discontinued or you can't find on our site, get in touch. We're happy to check our warehouse for any stragglers or recommend an updated look that would work for you.

My polarized lenses look distorted. Help!

Polarized lenses are susceptible to delamination after heavy duty wear. To prolong the life of your polarized lenses, try to avoid high heat (like your car dash) and rinse them with freshwater as soon as possible after exposure to saltwater and sunscreen. If your polarized lenses seem distorted, please file a warranty claim.

I'm careful about the products I buy for my kids. Are your children's sunglasses safe?

All our children's sunglasses are made of safe, durable materials and we use only child-safe lead-free paints. As with any product containing small parts (i.e. hinge screws), we strongly recommend only allowing children to use our products under adult supervision. While sunglasses are not subject to CPSIA regulations, all our children's sunglasses are compliant.

I need reading glasses. How do I find my strength?

Most reading glasses are available in strengths ranging from +1.25 to +3.25 magnification, in increments of +0.25. Use our magnification chart to determine the appropriate strength for you.

Reading glasses are not intended to be a substitute for corrective lenses and may not work for everyone. Only a professional eye examination can determine your vision needs.

Why would I need blue light readers?

Blue light emitted from digital devices - computers, tablets, televisions, and smartphones - not only causes your eyes to work harder to focus, but it can
also suppress production of melatonin, which can disrupt your sleep cycles.

Blue light reading glasses filter screen light to reduce digital eye strain and prevent device-related fatigue and insomnia.

Digital Eye Strain
Using digital devices for long periods of time can strain your eyes because of shifting focus, extensive closeness, and less blinking. Wearing blue light
blocking readers when exposed to screen light can help alleviate the strain and reduce the symptoms of digital eye strain, including tired and sore eyes, dryness, headaches, and blurred vision.

Sleep Disruption
The brain associates blue light with daytime, which is why evening and nighttime screen light can make it difficult to fall asleep. Diminishing light at night triggers melatonin, the body’s sleep hormone, which makes you sleepy. Exposure to screen light, especially at night, can inhibit the production of melatonin, which can disrupt normal sleep cycles.

What about dark mode?
Dark mode (or night mode) is a setting on many digital devices that adjusts the light levels and tones and/or dims screen brightness. Dark mode may save your battery, but it won’t help your eyes. While setting your screen to warmer colors may reduce some blue light exposure, it isn’t enough because devices still emit blue light through the LED backlight.

Is all blue light harmful?
Blue light is a necessary component of a healthy lifestyle. During the day, blue light from the sun is important for helping us wake up and have energy throughout the day. It regulates sleep cycles by telling our bodies when to be wakeful and when to sleep.

The true issue with blue light is overexposure. By exposing ourselves to artificial blue light both day and night, we are disrupting our body’s internal clock. Filtering out and eliminating blue light at night will help us maintain healthier habits.

Do I need to worry about Prop 65 warnings?

Under the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, commonly known as Proposition 65, businesses are required to notify California consumers about specific chemicals in their products that are known to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm, usually by way of a product warning label. The presence of these chemicals does not necessarily mean that the products are harmful, but the labeling requirement allows consumers to make informed choices about exposure. For more information about this law, visit the official website.


Do you charge sales tax?

We charge applicable sales tax on orders shipping to Virginia and North Carolina. If you are shipping to one of these states, taxes will be added to your order total at checkout. Taxes do not apply to the total required for free shipping.

My discount code isn't working. What do I do?

Only one discount code may be applied per order. Discount codes can be applied after you have clicked the Check Out button in your shopping cart. If you're having trouble with a discount code, please contact us and we'll get it fixed. (If you just missed a discount code expiration by a day or two, we've been known to offer an extension if you get in touch and let us know you're interested!)

Do you offer a military, first responder, or teacher discount?

Yes! To show our appreciation for your service, we are pleased to partner with GovX ID to offer a 20% discount to all active military, veterans, military families, first responders, and teachers. Just click on the GovX ID link in your cart and follow the prompts.

Do you price match?

Because we are a manufacturer, we generally charge full Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price on the products we offer online. We do not match the prices of our products sold by third parties, either online or by local retailers. Local pricing is determined by the dealer and often their prices are better than the standard MSRPs we offer. 


How do you pronounce Cliff Weil? Is he a real person?

Weil is pronounced Wheel, like part of your car.

Cliff founded his company back in 1905, and although the focus is different than it was back then, the company is still run by his relatives today.

I'm a retailer and I need to get in touch with my sales contact.

Please contact us via our online form or call (800) 446-9345 and we can help get you in touch with your sales rep.

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Are you looking for brand ambassadors or influencers?

We are always interested in the people who love our products and want to share them. For any marketing, sponsorship, or promotional inquiries, please fill out our contact form with as much information as possible. Our marketing team will get in touch!

I want to sell you something, or I offer a service you need!

We welcome vendors to reach out to us with products and services that would be a good fit for our company. However, we're a small and busy company, so we don't always have time for cold calls or visits. Please get in touch through our contact page and we'll get your information into the right hands.

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