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Little girls will love Heart for its adorable heart shape and cute patterned temples. Grown ups will love the way it keeps her eyes safe and protected all day long. The impact-resistant polycarbonate frame is safe and durable and the smoke acrylic lenses provide total UV protection. Plus, with a lifetime warranty, she'll never have to go without her favorite shades.
  • Girls' impact-resistant polycarbonate heart-shaped frame with patterned temples
  • Acrylic lenses in smoke
Fit Guide

  • Fit: Kids (4-8)
  • Size: 47-14-120mm (eye-bridge-temple)
  • Frame Width: 122mm

100% UV Protection

Every pair of Cliff Weil eyewear provides 100% protection against harmful UV-A and UV-B rays, up to 400 nanometers.

Lifetime Warranty

We are committed to quality in every pair of sunglasses we make. If you experience a problem with any of our products that is the result of a defect in materials and workmanship, we will replace it at no charge. Not sure? Contact our impeccable customer service team and we'll help you out.

Complete details of our lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects can be found here.

Care Guide

Always store your eyewear in a case or microfiber pouch to prevent damage to the lenses and frames. Because heat can cause your eyewear to warp and become distorted, never leave your sunglasses directly in the sun, and avoid leaving them in the car on hot days, especially on the dashboard. 

Use a soft microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe away dirt, fingerprints and smudges from lenses and frames. For stubborn, stuck-on grime, use warm water, with a gentle soap only if needed, and gently rub away the dirt with your fingertips. Pat dry immediately. Avoid paper towels, tissues, chemical cleaners, and detergents, as these may be abrasive and scratch away protective lens coatings or strip frame paints and sealants.  

Chemicals in sunscreens and insect repellants can damage eyewear, especially paints and coatings, so use care when applying these products to avoid contact. Since this isn't always realistic, be sure to clean your eyewear with a quality lens cleaner to remove any chemicals after using such products. 

Hinge screws can loosen with use, so periodically check for loose screws and tighten as necessary, but don't overtighten. 

Take care when using adhesives to repair broken frames or lenses. Many adhesives will melt and distort plastics and can "fog" lenses. Before repairing eyewear on your own, consult a professional or find out if your product is covered under our Lifetime Warranty.


To children wearing Just A Shade Smaller Heart sunglasses
Child wearing Just A Shade Smaller Heart sunglasses
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